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Requires Alfred v2 & Powerpack

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Languages & Frameworks with autosuggest search

    • PHP php {query}
    • JavaScript js {query}
    • jQuery jq {query}, jquery {query}
    • HTML html {query}
    • CSS css {query}
    • Python py {query}, python {query}
    • node.js node {query}
    • Ruby ruby {query}
    • Ruby on Rails rails {query}
    • Haskell haskell {query}
    • Erlang erlang {query}
    • C c {query}
    • Clojure clj {query}
    • caniuse {query}

    Languages & frameworks with keyword search:

    • Laravel laravel {query}
    • Bootstrap bs {query}
    • Wordpress wordpress {query}
    • Flask flash {query}
    • .NET .net {query}
    • Java java {query}
    • Android android {query}
    • XCode xcode {query}
    • Github gists gist {query}

    Asset search

    • icons icon {query}
    • github repos github {query}

    Other tools

    • Image Optim optimise {query}

    Need something it doesn't support?

    Is there a language / framework or anything
    else it doesn't support, please file a pull
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    Update v1.1

    Have now added support thanks to @keithamus

    Total refactor to make it OO and easier to add new parsers


    Update v1.2

    Major bug fix

    Added clojure autosuggest support thanks to @cfeduke

    Added wordpress keyword support thanks to @ryanplasma


    Update v1.3

    Minor bug fix

    Added ruby autosuggest support thanks to @ajackbot


    Update v1.4

    Improved rails support thanks to @yellowfeatheruk

    Added Image optim support, by using the keyword optmise {query}


    Update v1.5

    Minor bug fix thanks to @petert82

    Added gist keyword search thanks to @n3r0caesar