Some of our Clients

From films to fashion, music to mobiles and sports to stadiums, we’ve made awesome shit with a range of awesome people and had a lot fun along the way. If that sounds good, then chances are we’d love to make some awesome shit with you too.

  • samsung
  • coca cola
  • facebook
  • microsoft
  • sony music
  • glastonbury festival
  • London Fashion Week
  • Wembley Stadium
  • warner music
  • warp records
  • UEFA
  • universal music

We’ve worked with over 40 international artists and musicians and have been involved in the launch of 6 #1 Singles and 11 #1 Albums.

  • The Rolling Stones
  • Basement Jaxx
  • Kylie
  • Madonna
  • 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Blur
  • One Direction
  • Tinie Tempah
  • Calvin Harris
  • Swedish House Mafia
  • Alt-J
  • Lenny Kravitz

Who we are

  • Tom

    Chief Chin Stroker

    Lives in New York, specifically in Williamsburg… which is actually in Brooklyn… but also in New York State. It’s all very confusing.

  • Paul

    Hardware Maniac

    Paul is our resident hardware expert. Whether it’s giant bottles that capture and remix ambient sounds or phone controlled christmas trees, Paul can pretty much make anything.

  • Rob

    Crayola Operator

    Can drum some serious drumz and has provided musical entertainment for over 24 weddings.

  • Sophie

    Wannabe Shakespearean

    Has known Tom for longer than anyone at WMAS. And, in some ways, is also responsible for Syd and Tom meeting at Cardiff. Double Swoon.

  • Syd

    Keyboard Enthusiast

    Syd loves to hate The Apprentice. This is often demonstrated by throwing his socks at his TV in frustration mid episode.

What we do

  • Web

    Web stuff!! Yeah, the internetz. It’s awesome isn’t it. And it’s not just websites for computers. It’s on phones too. Hell, it’s even in objects. But if you want to know if we make “websites” - then yes, we do.

  • Apps

    Apps - we make those. Web apps, mobile apps, social apps, fun apps, serious apps, gaming apps, fitness apps, music apps. Any kind of apps.

  • Mobile

    In theory we’ve covered mobile with apps and web. But you can also do a lot with more native mobile functionality like SMS or calling. And we can do all that too. Just ask La Roux. Or watch her music video, ‘Please Don’t Tell’ and call her yourself.

  • Experiences

    Experiences are basically things that we couldn’t work out how to bucket in the other menus. Often because they encompass a number of things. In short though, it’s normally event or physical space related, like turning pop-up stores into streaming spots, or creating a real life digital record store, or building an art piece for the Barbican and Tate Modern.

  • Products

    Products are tools and specific things we’ve made for ourselves, and then realised they’re pretty cool and ended up releasing them publically. Like AwesomeWall. AwesomeWall collects, analyses and displays things people are saying and content people are sharing with specific keywords or hashtags. Or snowbuddy, the most social and fun winter sports app ever made. We made that too.

  • Hardware

    We love getting our hands dirty with physical things, prototypes, proof of concepts using arduinos or custom hardware. Making things that people can *actually* play with.

  • LOLs

    We love LOLs. LOLs are LOLs. Like when we made Harlem Shake Roulette for LOLs and it was seen by 125,000 people from over 9,181 different cities around the world. Or when we got fed up of all the debate between whether Vine or Instagram was best for videos, so we pitted the two against each other in which won us a Webby. That was pretty LOLs too.

How We Work

  • You come
    to us with
    a brief

  • You come
    to us with
    an idea

  • We come
    to you with
    an idea

Together, we make awesome shit

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