Calvin Harris - Dance To Unlock Listen to his album "18 Months" for free. But there's a catch... You've got to be dancing.

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The project in detail

We were asked to promote the upcoming Calvin Harris album, 18 months, when over half the album had already been released as singles which many of his fans may have already bought. So we decided to give it away for free, but with a twist. You had to be dancing to listen to the music.

Using our Calvin powered “dance-o-meter”, as long as you are moving the phone, the songs will keep playing. You can listen to any track from the new album for free and unlock extra content such as exclusive remixes if you go on to buy. And throughout, a clear call to action to buy the album from the app persuades users to do just that.

It's a legal, free way to distribute a new album and reduce piracy, while offering an immediate and direct way to pay in full. Best of all, it helps the music do what it’s supposed to do - make you get up and dance.

The app was even demoed live on BBC Radio 4, I know, Radio 4... Who would have have thought it...


The app has received glowing reviews from users, press and other critics alike.


"But our absolute favourite thing? The album only plays while you’re moving."

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Ultimate Guitar

"A work of art from a digital rights management perspective"

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The Next Web

"The app is a clever marketing ploy"

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