Madeon's Adventure Machine We turned Madeon’s debut album into a live mashup concept that allowed fans to mix their way through a series of perfectly timed loops and compositions from the album on any device.

Key Stats

  • 1.3 Million +
    Unique users
  • 12m 47s
    Average Dwell Time
  • Over 50
    Major Media Articles
  • 10%
    Visitors Shared Their Mix
  • 56.6 Million
    Samples Played
  • 10% CTR
    To Buy / Stream / Tour
  • 9.2 Million
    Impressions on Twitter
  • 20,160
    MIDI Devices Connected
  • Front Page of Reddit

The Challenge

We were asked to help promote the debut studio album, Adventure, by French electronic music producer Madeon.

After being thrown into the spotlight 4 years ago from his 39 songs in 3 minute mash-up, Pop Culture, Madeon has built a large and passionate fan base, many of which dabble in music production and mixing or own various pieces of DJ equipment such as a Novation Launchpad, as used by Madeon himself.

The challenge was to create buzz around the upcoming launch of his debut album and to give his music and tech focussed fans a sneak peek of what was to come in an engaging way as well as introducing Madeon to a whole new fanbase.

The idea

We decided to turn Madeon’s whole debut album, Adventure, into a live mashup concept that allowed fans to mix their way through the upcoming album on any device. We called it ‘The Adventure Machine’.

Using the new HTML5 WebAudio APIs, users can mix with a series of perfectly timed loops and compositions, allowing them to explore, play and share Madeon’s upcoming album in an audio centric and playful way wherever and whenever they want.

As an added bonus, using the brand spanking new experimental WebMIDI API on Chrome and the JazzSoft MIDI plugin for other browsers, we also made it possible for fans to control the website and mix the album samples via a Novation Launchpad.

What happened

We launched with a simple tweet by Madeon himself

People loved it

You could share your own mix directly from the site

Some people created their own longer recordings and mixes

And a few others even produced completely new songs by adding themselves to the samples

Lots of people connected their launchpads and used it with the app.

Have a play with the Adventure Machine yourself

Press Coverage

Over 50 major media outlets covered Madeon's Adventure Machine, here are some of our favourites


"Now you yourself can get behind the controls and make your own Madeon music, using stems that appear on the album."

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"There may be many fans of dance music, but not all possess the technological know-how when it actually comes to producing it. Thankfully, Madeon’s made it so we’re able to at least fake it like we made it with his new Adventure Machine."

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Music Radar

"Containing drum, bass, vocal, synth and other samples from Madeon productions, this simple loop triggering platform is surprisingly addictive"

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Music Ally

"Madeon’s Adventure Machine makes a marvellous racket online"

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