Standing Novation - Interactive Art Installation We made an interactive art installation using 16 Novation launchpads. It was even exhibited at the Tate Modern.

Key stats

  • Showcased at Google IO
  • Exhibited at Facebook London HQ
  • Exhibited at the Tate Modern
  • Exhibited in The Barbican
  • Art award winner

What is it?

Standing Novation is our very own interactive physical art installation. It combines 16 Novation Launchpads (thanks to the very lovely people at Novation) and was first launched at the 3 Beards Digital Sizzle #9 Art Hackathon. Since then Google, The Tate Modern, The Barbican and now Facebook HQ have experienced its lights, sounds, games and beauty.

Standing Novation continues to evolve, it has shown us zen garden for a moment of serenity in a vibrant digital space, given us a turbo disco for a party feel, brought people together through a game of pictionary and given solitude to those who seek it with a game of snake. As irresistible as a ‘do not touch’ sign, Standing Novation encourages you to reach out and press a button; for geeks and technophobes alike Standing Novation has a mode for everyone.



  • Will Evans


  • Rob Belgrave
  • Simon Green

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  • Paul King
  • Rob Hampson
  • Sophie Barfield
  • Syd Lawrence
  • Tom Gibby

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