Superfood - 8-bit racing game Who doesn’t love an 8-bit game? Cross platform HTML5 web game, with native support for mobile & desktop.

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About the project

Prior to the release of Superfood’s debut album "Don’t Say That", Infectious asked us to turn the album into a retro racing game. Infectious wanted to encourage potential new fans to passively listen to the superfood music for them to appreciate the band and potentially purchase the album.

Superfood Racer was born. Just jump in your car and race through a slightly surreal 8-bit land of all things Superfood.

Available to play on both mobile and desktop, use your phone as a steering wheel with the accelerometer or control your car around the track with your keyboard. Simply avoid the obstacles on the road and speed along the course while listening away to the sweet sounds of Superfood, with fun easter eggs such as the band appearing on billboards and vehicles as you progress.



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