Tinie Tempah Rap Demonstration To launch Tinie Tempah’s new album, Demonstration, we created an app which allowed fans to rap along to his music.

Key stats

  • 25,000+
    Users have downloaded the app to date
  • 48%
    Click Through Rate to Buy Album
  • 70,000+
    Tracks recognised by the app
  • #5
    The app reached #5 in the UK App Store
  • Mobile App of the Day
  • Integrated Mobile Experience Award Winner
  • Digital Marketing Innovation Award Winner

How it worked

Whenever you hear a Tinie Tempah song playing from his new album, Demonstration, just pull out this app and Tinie will start rapping along. The Rap Demonstration app works by using custom built sound analysis software to determine which Tinie Tempah song you’re listening to, before dropping you directly into a video of Tinie rapping along to that song, perfectly matched up to the music you’re listening to. Hold your phone up to your mouth, and you’re now rapping like Tinie.

The video for 'Lover not a Fighter' comes pre-loaded on the app and all the other videos can be downloaded for free within the app itself. And if you already own any of his songs, or go on to purchase through the app, you can play those videos whenever you want straight from your phone.

The app reached number 5 in the app store, praised by industry press, shared by fans online, used at his live concerts and almost half of all users also went on to purchase his music - directly through the app.

"Probably the best app ever" ~ Nick Grimshaw BBC Radio 1

Rap Demonstration was played with live on Radio One by Nick Grimshaw. After describing it as "possibly the best app ever" and demoing it on the live Radio One webcam, he went on to point out how it’s also a great way of making your teeth look good, just like Tinie's - although that wasn’t the main aim of the app. It was also shared to Grimmy and Radio One's fans on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Press Coverage

The app was also featured and praised by a number of influential technology and music publications, a selection of which are below.


"It features a close-up of Tinie’s mouth moving in sync to each song on the album, thus allowing you to place your phone over your mouth and pretend it’s you that’s actually rapping. Why wouldn’t you?"

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The Guardian

"We Make Awesome Sh. developed its own music identification technology for the app. While apps like Shazam can identify a track playing in the real world, this app only works if it can identify the exact point a song is at."

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Digital Spy

"The star's mouth will rap along to his back catalogue whenever you launch the app and play one of his songs, using custom-built sound analysis software."

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Paul Lamere Spotify

"Tinie Tempah's Rap Demonstration app is an excellent example of innovation in mobile marketing"


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