Basement Jaxx - Power To The People We made a website with Basement Jaxx to enable people from all over the world to make music together


  • World 1st
    World's first online mixer
  • EP
    Launched for World Peace Day
  • 6
    Contributions from all 6 major continents

About the project

For World Peace Day, we worked with Basement Jaxx to create Power To The People . fm, a website made to enable people from all over the world to make music together. Whether you are a solo singer, choir, guitarist, pianist, orchestra (like the The Recycled Orchestra of Catuera who make musical instruments out of rubbish!), rapper, dancer, performer, film maker or DJ, you can upload your version of the Basement Jaxx song to the website.

We used soundcloud and vimeo APIs to create an HTML5 mixer. Users can upload their element, be it the chorus, verse, beat or visual to the site and then anyone can be a DJ to mix these elements from around the world to create a global version of the ‘Power to the People’ song which launched on Earth Day.


Basement Jaxx

Fourth Floor Music

  • Felix Buxton
  • Simon Ratcliffe
  • Andrew Mansi

Biscuit Productions

  • Simon Bisset

We Make Awesome Sh

  • Paul King
  • Rob Hampson
  • Sophie Barfield
  • Syd Lawrence
  • Tom Gibby

We Make Awesome Sh