Cardiff • Halo • Cats

You don't often see those three words next to each other. Especially on an agency website. But then, we're not about the ordinary. Hell, we're not even an agency. We're a collective. We're about the awesome. And Cardiff, Halo and Cats are all pretty awesome.

How we started

Tom Gibby and Syd Lawrence founded We Make Awesome Sh. We met at Cardiff university through a shared love of all things gaming, geek and tech, and joked about starting our own company. Little did we know that cats would be the unexpected element that takes us there.

In early 2011, right after the release of the Instagram API, we built Instac.at. It had just one purpose: to display a comical feed of live cat images on Instagram.

Over 30,000 people visited the site in just 24 hours. That number rocketed with coverage from mainstream tech press like The Next Web and Mashable. The success of Instac.at inspired us to create Search Instagram, the original Instagram search engine.

In the following months, we helped many brands built Instagram into their marketing strategies. It soon evolved into Awesome Wall, which puts the service into any piece of digital technology you can think of.

More brands starting approaching us. Our roster of clients got bigger. We were generating a torrent of traffic for major global brands, and realised we’d created a monster. We Make Awesome Sh was born.

How we work

We work wherever we want to work, and are strong advocates of remote collaboration. Our office has been everything from a yacht in Cannes to a sun-soaked Italian villa. One of us is based in New York, while another lives in rural England. We work all hours, because we love what we do and enjoy hacking together from afar. This feels like the best job ever, because it is.

The fact is, people out there in the real world like to experience something different. They like originality. Most of all, they like it when a digital experience surprises them with a hint of attitude, because it feels real and they can relate to it.

That's our secret: keeping it real. Having a blast. Making something fun for fun. Everyone wins, including you.

Now let's make awesome shit together.